I am a single mother of two beautiful and kind girls. I have been raising them on my own since I had them.

My story is worthy of an episode in “Maalala Mo Kaya”, no kidding.

I am annulled now. My ex husband is now  married to a kind and wonderful woman. Me and my ex? We are not friends. Nor am I friends with the new Mrs. We are not enemies either. I am just indifferent. We are just indifferent to each other, I suppose. The only time that his existence bothers me is when the support gets delayed. The rest of the months, he is non existent to me as I am to him.

I guess it was easier for us because we live far apart. The tragic and sad ending of a long distance relationship.

I am one of the lucky ones because I receive financial support. It is not huge but it is fair.

How I managed to secure that? I consulted a lawyer and have a contract drafted and have him signed. It is no guarantee that he’ll continue supporting especially now that he is married. However, I am banking on the relationship that he has with his daughter. I believe I can live without the assistance but to live a life comfortably his financial help goes a long way.

And so the question is this:  Should I expect and demand financial support from the father of my child?

I hate his guts, and I do not want to see him again – ever, why should he share?

If he shares financially he’ll be able to demand to see my child.   I do not like the idea that he’ll have an influence on my child, so i’d rather not. What to do?

These questions –  we’ll discuss next.
/irene mejer


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