Most little girls dream of their Prince Charming and happy ever after.

Some planned their big wedding day since they were six.

Some of these girls get to have their cake and eat it too.  Others, like me, got all the shitty crap that comes with the cake.

There are so many reasons behind it.  So many why’s, what happened, who’s at fault and the what if’s.   It doesn’t matter now.

It is what happens next that matters.

The moment you dared to raise a kid / kids on your own, regardless of the reason behind it – you will be subjected to a lot of the more shitty crap thar you’d wished you never dared.  All those accusing eyes. The horror stories, unfounded and untrue.

But take heart – believe me, all will be well and you are not alone.

It’s never going to be easy.  Motherhood isn’t, more so raising a kid alone.

The aim of this blog is to help women like me and you – single parents – navigate through life and build a community where we can share our stories of triumphs and challengers. There are a lot of single mothers who has few if no emotional support system in place. It is tough being alone. I hope that this site will help you. Know that you are not alone. And regardless of how bad the situation now may seem, it is not going to be that way forever.

This blog will tackle employment, dating, nanny issues, ex issues , annulment, financial support and the best part of course, which is moving forward.

This here is our story. And because we have gone through a lot, we know how to be kind and how to support each other.  So let us be kind with our comments too.

You may share your stories of triumphs and challenges here, just send an email to : TheWoman.LaMujer@gmail.com.  You do not need to be a writer to share your story. I will help you give a voice to your story. Yours is worth sharing and reading. Kindly also include a short bio of yourself.