This is a social experiment on whether or not i’d be able to find love in a span of 360 days.

One full year of dating different individuals until Love arrives.

Let us first define the terms and come up with dating rules, do’s and don’t’s. The experiment stops when Love magically appears in my life.

These are the rules:

  1.  A date would mean coffee, lunch or dinner.
  2. No sleeping with each other on the first, second or third date. The fact that it went beyond the third would mean “sexy time”.
  3. Sexy time doesn’t mean I’ve found Love. Maybe Love can evolve from it, I don’t know, but I certainly hope so. Will I be posting if the “sexy time” happened? I will not. But once a fourth date is in the picture, chances are high it will happen. Unless of course he’s not pushing for it. In that case I will wait and not push for it as well. Hmmm, since when did I became passive? UNLESS of course he’s really HOT..
  4. A single day that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc .. is still considered one date – so no sleeping together will happen, should happen.
  5. The date will not be introduced to my kids until it is the right time to do so. Right time would mean he’s the One. Love has arrived.
  6. If lucky, I will be be able to find a date once every week. Where will I find it? I will be active in the following dating sites: Tinder, Bumble and Ok Cupid. I will also try to open the possibilities of finding someone in the local bookstore, pub or museum – even at Church, who knows, I will not disclose to my date that I am doing this blog, if things will get serious, he will be informed.
  7. I believe in protecting privacy so my date’s name, photo and other private details will not be written in this blog. I will probably be posting a hand, a shoe or any other detail to show that indeed the date happened.
  8. I will be posting updates once a week. My posts will be about our chemistry, what we talked about and all the other nuances of the date. Whether or not there will be a second date and if that person will bring Love back to my life. I am really picky, I promise to give each date a chance without passing judgment. I will open my heart and mind to the possibilities which would mean replying to messages in Ok Cupid even if they’re not attractive to me. I am not really sure about this, I claim to be not superficial but IT WILL REALLY HELP if the guy is attractive.
  9. The date will not impede my time with my kids, my work, my yoga ( since I will be taking yoga seriously now!) and my social life. The social life aspect is the time I spend with my girlfriends. It should be the least of my priorities, not the other way around.
  10. This experiment will cease when Love will arrive even before the 360th day. It will also cease even if Love did not arrive on day 360.

This blog will be up and running tomorrow, Dec 21, 2015. Day 360 is Dec 20, 2016.

Wish me luck and let’s find LOVE!


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