Date No5:  God’s gift to women

This date happened three weeks or more ago – I cannot remember.  I am a bit behind on the writing as life became hectic.

“E” was the pefect poster boy of someone who believes that they are God’s gift to women.  He was extremely attractive – perfect set of teeth, a tri athlete.  Wears perfume too much.  Just way too much that I can smell it even when we were seated accross each other.  It stayed in my nostrils for a couple of hours after our meeting.

I am so into enjoying the moment, that it no longer bothers me if the person that I am talking to is a complete asshole.  Being in sales, i had developed the skill of avoiding   “dead air”.  So i dutifully probed and listened.  Laughed at his jokes,  smiled and nodded on cue.

Because it happened a long time ago (exaggerating) –  i have forgotten the specifics of the date.  What i can remeber was how cool the breeze were, and how beautiful the water fountain looked when the colored light passes through it.  The view was relaxing, and having gone through 5 dates in a span of a month, i no longer cared much if I was impressing my date or not.

If it happens, it happens.  It’s either sparks fly or they don’t.  For  E and me, it did not.  But with Tinder there’s always an “implied”, unspoken expectation of men in particular,  that they’ll end up getting laid.  It was designed to be that way after all.  I now consider myself an expert in deflecting sexul innuendos.  I just realized how much more difficult dating is for men compared to women.  The burden of impressing the date is on them rather than their female counterparts because they are the ones with the expectations of sex after.

E has a design flaw.  If you call it that.  He likes to boss around.  I don’t need to be bossed around.  It was infuriating.  We also have differences in opinion.  He has this air of arrogance in him  – in a bad way.  He reminded me of a guy I dated a few years ago.  All form, no substance.  I guess he thought I should consider myself lucky.  And that his perfect teeth and an implied six pack is more than enough.  I was glad the date was over when it did.



  1. Oh no! Not god’s gift to women! Those guys are the worst… 😁 I am guessing you didn’t see him again? 🙂 glad that you are blogging again, haven’t seen you in a while. Welcome back! 🙂


    1. I know right? @survivednarc – – been really busy .. Did not go out with him again. It’s beginning to be exhausting

      Liked by 1 person

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