Date No3:  Taking Chances

I said I would give every “match” I have a chance even if the “match” is not really that attractive.  After all,  I am in this for the experience.  Looking back on my younger dating self, before the kids and all –  I never went out on a date wherein I don’t feel any  form of attraction to.

Date No3 – let’s call him C – is that person.  I knew I wasn’t attracted to his photos but I was willing to give it a shot.  We might hit it off during coffee.

C and i decided to meet for coffee at a coffee shop inside a bookstore.  Both of us came late for coffee and dinner.  I had a busy week and so did he so we tried to squeeze in the schedule of our meet up.

I forgot to mention that most of my past relatipnships were long distance – even with that of my ex husband.  I am not sure why that is so, i’ll have to dig deeper into this and find out.  Commitment issues perhaps?

Going back to C – he’s Irish and is assigned near where I was, so I was thinking that maybe if we hit it off  I would not have to worry about the distance.

Unfortunately, we did not.  I mean the conversation was good – we never ran out of things to say to each other.  But the chemistry was zero.  I enjoyed the company – but well there’s just nothing there.  I dropped him off at the hippest club in town after.  It’s the least that I can do for him paying for the dinner and drinks.

He never sent a text message afterwards.  I was not bothered about it as well.  I am beginning to change my mindset about this dating / finding love project.


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