Mixed Messages

I am still hung up on B.  (What?). I know it was just one date.  So B left for SFO without us seeing each other again.  I deleted his numbers after I sent him an email.  (Why did I do that?!)

A few days after he left, I received a message from him on Whatsapp.  There he explained again that he’s in town primarily to visit friends and that I was an awesome lady and that I was great company.

He also mentioned that he was a bit overhelmed (I guess by my messages) and that he is chalking it up to my lack of dating for the past two years.  He managed to let me know to call him whenever I am in the US.  As if he’d fly to meet me in NY or whichever state I happen to be in.  I seriously doubt that.

There he is again with his mixed messages.  And here I am again with my hope.  And my boundless energy (that’s what he said).  What I do not understand is this:  why bother to send me a message when obviously you were not able to do so when you were near me?  What is it for?  We are miles and miles apart – oceans apart, it doesn’t matter if in my mind I think you are an asshole (which i don’t by the way).  Mind games.  I am freaking old for mind games.

That was my first date.  I believe in my subsequent dates i’ll be less enthusiastic and maybe i’ll just go out with someone that I do not like as much.

Will keep you posted as currently I am getting a lot of dinner invitations and I do not know how my human body can survive this dating spree.

Let me leave you with this quote from Anais Nin.  I feel I am that person now.



    1. Thank you for stopping by.. Anais Nin has a wonderful non conventional take on love 🙂


    1. Thank you! @survivednarc i think i’ll be a pro at this : the chill and relax kind.. Drinks for free! Haha


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