Rejection and Desire

I totally suck at handling rejection.  Today, I feel awful.

There is some comfort in the fact that because I am almost 40, I now know my triggers.  I can identify what causes my “low moods”.  Of course today’s low mood is about B (see post Date No 2: Almost but not Quite).  There’s that little shimmer of hope I am keeping.  And the hope, it is the one that is so difficult to remove and ignore.

But like any other smart vamp, this experience made my desire to find Love stronger than ever.

I do get the idea that this is going to happen numerous times in the next 360 days.  By the time this experience is over I would be able to handle rejection  like a pro.




  1. It is difficult to put ourselves out there, I am impressed by your courage to go on dates, I am still pep talking myself to gather courage for it in 2016! 😊 💜 So just think of how brave you are!

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    1. I am scared as hell.. But i’ve been putting this off for two years – i had a blast being single and unattached though.. Although i wonder how long i can be able to pull this off though .. We’ll see.. Haha

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  2. I’m terrible at rejection. But I’ve started to approach this whole online dating thing with a sense of humor. I’ve been trying not to take things personally, because, clearly, most of the men I meet online don’t. 😀
    Hang in there!

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    1. Yes, I am beginning to think maybe i’ll have better chances of meeting someone in real life. Because it seems like the rejection will happen anyway so might as well risk it in the real world right? 🙂

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