Date No 1: Or is it?

It has been 7 days since I started this blog.  To date I have received more than 100 messages on OK Cupid, a handful of matches on Tinder, Bumble has very few members, so nothing there.  I have also befriended the “Block” button.  Overnight, it became my best friend in the online dating world.

I thought finding a date is easy, I never knew it takes a lot of work.  Yes, I am complaining, it’s been only 7 days but seriously, how come those that I liked does not like me back?  And those that I do not like keeps sending me messages.  Where is my match?  Where is the One?

On Day 4, I found a match on Tinder whom I could have a conversation with.  Let’s call him A.  He’s French and sounded decent.  We became friends on Facebook (put him in restricted).  This gave me an opportunity to know more A through his photos and his real name.  I usually Google my dates, even those whom I have not met online.  It pays to be well informed, finding Love is nice but safety should never be neglected.

He almost wasted 6 days of his vacation in Puerto Galera, how tragic.  He then decided to go to Banaue, we agreed to meet for coffee before he takes the bus to see the Banaue Rice Terraces.  Unfortunately for him all the buses were full, so our coffee date was moved to dinner.

After my yoga class, I sent him a message letting him know that I was done and that I can meet him by 6:30 for dinner.  Tragedy of all tragedies, he booked a hostel located right smack at the red light district of Makati.  This he claimed irritated him and decided to cancel our supposed to be date as he is now in a foul mood.

I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping I could get some material for my blog today.  I am aware that the date will not progress to anything as there is no romantic chemistry in our online conversations.  It was more a friendly chat, on his part knowing a local and on my part befriending a French guy that can help me come up with a travel itinerary for a future trip in France.  New friends from different cultures expands one’s perspective.  It’s good education in diversity without leaving the country.

Finding a date online proved to be difficult.  But I am still hopeful.





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