Grade School Crush.


They were classmates in grade school. Grade Five, at the University of Santo Tomas.

She was his crush and he was her first kiss. A kiss on the cheek at a school Christmas party.

One wonders how these memories are kept through time.

She moved to an all girls school in High School. They never saw each other again.

Twenty years later, he found her on Facebook.

They started talking. Everyday. More than once. Eventually it led into a romantic relationship.

A long distance one.

He lives in California and she in Quezon City. Skype became their best friend. They still have not seen each other in person.

She waited nine months. Nine months before she could see and touch his face.

The wait was worth is as he proved to be everything that she hoped for and so much more.

Benjo and Ruth got married in 2012 and is now living in California with their cute bundle of joy Mathea.

Photo Credits: RMacapinlac, Ruth S.


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