Cloud 9 : Alex S.


We took the same elevator. He asked if I was the “new” girl and if I have a boyfriend. He then added that i’d probably end up a spinster. This was on my first day of work. He forgot to mention his name. I think that was a bit rude. I never thought we’d end up together.

I was a little chubby then so he calls me “choi”, I call him Kuya. He often drops Cloud 9 chocolates on my desk at work. We became close friends and even wash our tumblers together.

The first time we kissed was the night of my “despedida”. Everything changed since then. Simple things like receiving text messages from him made me smile and giggle.

Our first date was awkward since we both knew that things were now different. After three years of being just friends, we’ve become somewhere in between.

Us sort of just happened. There were no labels as there was an overlooked detail. He was seeing someone else.

After three months we broke up. Lost contact, as I was already working for a different company.

One night, I drunk dialled his number.

It took six more months before we started dating again. This time with no complication.

One of the best memories that I have of us together was when we went to his home province in Leyte. He borrowed a small fishing boat from a neighbour and took me to this small island across. He was the only one paddling the boat. I do not know how to swim but he took care of me and made me feel safe.

We’ve been together for four years now.

My younger idealistic self asked God for a sign to know when I have found the man that I am going to marry. I have not received or seen that sign yet. But I no longer need it. He’s the one who brought me closer to God and that is already a good enough sign for me.

Photo Credits: Photo above is of Alex and is posted with permission from her. Alex is now engaged to “Kuya”. – Irene Mejer


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