A Decade.

I have fond memories of this place.  A decade of amazing, funny and heartbreaking memories.
I began living here when my eldest was a year old.  Curly hair and this huge innocent eyes.
I used to share the apartment with two gay friends.  It was hilarious.  It was also the time for self discovery.  Almost every night we would compete with the available parking space – street parking if I must say.  We’d go home drunk and would make bets as who would best at parking haphazardly.
There was always something going on in this apartment.  A friend in need.  A friend who is broken hearted and happier times.  It is a safe haven.
Ten years and I still have not mastered the art of parallel parking without damaging the rims.  Three cars and a fourth this year.  A broken marriage and a love lost.
A mobile signal that does not cooperate when badly needed.
Tears, laughter and a sense of loss.   It is difficult to leave a place that had grown so much on you.  That had witnessed your struggle and that struggle you  have in finding happiness.
But at some point one needs to move on.  One needs to move on and let go.  This will be one of the hardest decisions that I will ever make.  Leaving this place that i have grown to love as my own.  My home for ten years.
But one needs to move forward, if only for the benefit of those that you love most.  My two adorable girls.

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