The Fairmont Experience.


About two weeks ago, a friend decided to stay the night at Fairmont in Makati. It is located just across Greenbelt 3 and Landmark. I believe the lot used to be Anson’s, if I am not mistaken.

Fairmont Makati opened its doors a few months back. Very new. And very pricey. And pricey means good customer service right? Wrong. Maybe my friend is biased to the Shangri La experience, I don’t know – but the friend left rattling about the service without a smile while on the way to the airport.

This is what i noticed though. The rooms are pretty small – but the view was fantastic! It was over looking the pool which was done nicely, they took great care on selecting the lounge chairs, i loved it. The design inside the rooms, the artwork was pleasing to the eye. The bathroom was done superbly too – good showers! Although for me – nothing beats Marriott’s glass partition bathrooms. I liked what they did in hiding the drawers and the mini bar – it was done conspicuously, so well, that i would not have thought it was there.

The parking / drop off area was a bit confusing. It was free, which was good in a way – since they are new after all. The lobby was a bit small – compared to Shangri La – it is relatively a small expensive hotel. Beside it is Raffles serviced apartments, so maybe they tried to maximize the limited space that they have.

Amenities, design was perfect except the staff. They don’t smile a lot. It is a hospitality industry, one expects a huge smile and considering the price – excellent service. This was what irked my friend the most – they are new, they are expensive – it is their job to smile and say “Thank you” when a client leaves. Too bad this area was left wanting.

And oh, the complimentary apple was sour and the macaroons too sweet! I still love the pool though ..

For inquiries here’s their website: .. You might have a better experience. Photos are from their site too.




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