On frog kissing and acceptance.


We all dream of finding our Prince or him finding us for that matter. As girls, we grew up believing in fairytales and princesses in castles and kissing princes. Although most fairytales focus on what is inside one’s heart, it also helped that they all look good and amazingly beautiful with perfectly chiseled bodies.

One of my favorites was the Frog Prince Story. (Beauty and the Beast is my most favorite!) Both of these stories focus on acceptance and a love that goes beyond physical beauty and material things. It also gives emphasis on kindness and trust.

Anyway, the reason I have decided to write about it is mainly because I have spent most of my adult life searching for my Prince Charming. I have kissed a lot of frogs (was willing to kiss a lot of frogs!) in the hope that my Prince will be revealed. Much to my disappointment, none of them became one. There were also instances wherein I thought I have met a Prince but sadly turned into a frog past midnight, like the way Cinderella’s coach had turned into a pumpkin. The latter is a bit difficult to take.

I like the Frog Prince because it looks beyond the superficial. It is an amazing story on love and acceptance. Can you actually see yourself loving a frog, in as much as kissing them? Why would you even believe what a frog says anyway? She looked beyond the imperfection and the physical and followed her heart. How trusting, and how romantic! And how lucky for the Frog Prince to have found someone who will accept him, warts, ribbit and all.

At the very core of our being, we all yearn for love and acceptance. To feel that we belong. Our own significance is anchored on relationships, the lives we’ve touched and influence. Because in the end they are the only ones who will remember us anyway.

I am done frog kissing. In reality frogs don’t turn to Princes when you kiss them. They remain just that – frogs. I dream of a blue eyed Prince to come find me. Maybe he will come, or maybe he won’t. Either way I am happy. A true Prince will accept and love me for who I am. The same way that I will love him even if he looks like a frog.


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