Hair Talk

Let’s do hair talk. Hair like eyebrows is a deal breaker when it comes to how you wanted to look. Unruly or unkempt hair will make you look untidy.

I used to have my hair rebonded or straightened twice a year. Whenever I feel I need to change perspective, strategies and a new start, my hair’s the first casualty. I’ve done curls (the treated kind), gone blonde with highlights – three colors, dyed it mahogany, copper, brown, black. Cut it short, pixie, bob, bangs, layered. Name it, I’ve done it.

I am naturally curly, fortunately, I can manage it better now with the proper hair products and a good blow dry. I have left it alone for almost a year, except for the usual trip at the salon for my greys, which is a lot.

Here are my suggestions of good hair products. Sad to say, the good stuff are the really expensive ones.

If you want an anti frizz that’s less than a thousand, try L’oreal Liss Extreme, it’s in a purple bottle – it is water based so it’s non greasy. They have other anti frizz serum, however most of them will leave your face oily after two hours. I’m not sure why it does that – but most hair products do. That’s why if you have oily skin, try to veer away from the oil based hair products.


Kerastasse anti frizz – which is about PhP1400 works like magic, apply it on towel dried hair and see the difference. It comes in an orange bottle. It also has something in red – meant for very dry and damaged hair.

If you are on tight budget Vitress anti frizz works as well, however, based on experience, you have to do the application repeatedly to get the desired results. Too much of it will make your hair look damp and oily.

For curly hair, Kerastasse O’leo Curl is a good one. But you have to apply it on damp hair first before you use the blow dry. After drying your hair, apply it again to keep the frizz or the “tutchangs” at bay. It costs around PhP1400-1600, it lasts almost 6 months depending on how frequent you use it.

For treatments, going to a salon to have your weekly treatments will leave a dent on your budget. If you’re really into hair treatments, buy from the salon their treatment masques and do it at home. It will save you a lot of money in the process. I’m trying to learn how to apply roots to my already graying hair without causing too much damage. The last time i tried, i ended up with very brittle and dry hair. I haven’t tried doing it again since.

A piece of advise, don’t mess with your hair too much. Hair’s pretty vicious in extracting their revenge. If they can only speak, i probably would have had an earful by now.


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