My Take on Weekend Food Markets..

This was not really my first trip on a weekend food fair or market, if you must say.  Late last year my friend Janice Bocateja introduced me to Sunday food markets at Legazpi Park, which was conveniently located at the parking space near the office.  From what i gathered, there is also a similar market on the other side ofMakati which is Salcedo Park.  And of course the existing Paseo de Magallanes organic market which had been going on for years, which to be honest I haven’t visited, and won’t be doing anytime soon.

Food markets are not really for the picky eaters.  But if you are feeling a little adventurous about food, it is one of the best places to eat.

What to expect:

1. Dress comfortably, heels are okay, if you can manage to walk on unpaved areas, i.e. gravel and sand. (Legazpi Park is paved, Mercato Centrale at BGC is not, although some areas are.)

2. The food stalls usually give you condiments for the food that you buy, but don’t expect that they will serve food on ceramic platesbecause they don’t.  It is usually served on paper plates and plastic containers.

3.  Try to look around first before buying anything, most of the food stalls serve the same type of food.  But there are some that are unique, and it is best not to pile up on the same type of food, that way you still have room for everything else.

4.  Bring cash.  They don’t accept credit cards or any other form of payment at food markets. (RJ Ledesma informed me that you can pay credit cards at their customer service area.)

5.  Tables are collapsible, some have table cloths, others don’t.  Be prepared to soak in the smoke from some stalls that offer grilled delicacies.  Do not be surprised if you smell like barbeque after.

6.  There will be lines, especially at those stalls that offered variety.  So be patient.  After all, you are there for the adventure not for comfort.

7.  Prices are reasonable, so you do not really feel like you’ve been robbed after the experience.

8.  The people who are manning the stalls are usually the owners.  And they are a friendly lot.  Today, a lady offered to bring the iced tea that i bought personally to where me and my kids were sitting.  It was home-made iced tea, it tasted like the ones they served at Figaro, with less sugar.

9.  Usually, the participating food stalls are still new to the food industry, so if you can manage to give them feedback about the quality and service that they offer, do so.

10.  Lastly, enjoy the experience.

If you were to ask me if I am going back to Mercato Centrale, probably not.  I love food, but I want to dine comfortably too.  But it was a nice and new experience though.  Try it sometime!


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