The Trappings of the Big “L”, Spelled as L O V E

I am a sucker for romance.  There I said it.  I really do not have intentions of writing anything, but geez, I have to let this one out.  I am just deliriously happy, and someone did not even give me flowers yet!  I am grinning like a Cheshire cat, and yet I am slightly irritated at myself.  Me, of all people should know that at the initial phases of anything, one feels such exhilaration and elation that slowly subsides into boredom and vicious bouts of anger and pain when it is over.

I have to say, I am not in love yet.  Somehow, i really do not want to get into the foolishness of being “IN LOVE”, it’s too darn painful and too complicated, no make that – too simple, for my overly complicated mind.  But, I am terribly in love with love.  I love how the initial phases make you feel.  How a simple message of “I saw in you that girl from this so and so…” or “I see you everywhere – I miss you” , makes you grin from ear to ear.  It’s crazy and stupid really, because you’d sleep on it and forget about it the next day.

I love the wining and dining.  Those conversations wherein you are interested in everything that he has to say.  And that scent!  The guys that I like do smell alike.  It’s always a touch of something “wood” and “citrus”, clean and fresh – nothing spicy.  I’ve always wondered about this.  Why is it that they smell really nice at first, and then smell funny afterwards?  How come they bore me out with their stories after a while?  Or that we ran out of something to say to each other after some time?  It gets boring, and when I am bored I pick a fight.  A fight means drama, where there is drama,there’s bound to be tears, thus,  it’s no longer boring.

As of this particular moment, I am contented with flirting.  Because with flirting, this interest that I have of YOU – may never wane out.  Play your cards right, I will play mine the best way I know how.


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