Chef’s Table Sunday Experience

Sunday’s are usually spent at VCF and at High Street with the kids, but since i was temporarily living a single unattached life for the past two weeks – the usual routine was not followed.

I never heard of Chef’s Table until a friend mentioned the name while we were watching reruns on TV.  Since lunch was definitely out of the question, we settled for early dinner – around 6 – ish – after Sunday service.  Having no idea about the location, i resorted to the internet and googled – “Chef’s Table”.  Here’s what i found:

Chef Bruce Lim
As-Seen-On-TV, Le Cordon Bleu graduate chef
Intimate Ambience
Up close and personal restaurant setup
Prepared using global culinary standards
Join Chef Bruce at the new Chef’s Table restaurant for an exqusite taste of Filipino food from all over the country, masterfully cooked before your very eyes.
For the Chef’s Table virgins, you should definitely try Roasted Tomato Halaan (clam) soup: a fresh, light clam broth infused with roasted tomato puree, the Prawn Aligue (crab fat) My Way: oven-baked luscious fresh prawns on aligue-flavored sotanghon (vermicelli), and the Chill-a-fino: a steamed fillet of stone grouper sitting on a bed of bright violet, unexpected savory ube mash.
For seasoned Chef’s Table followers, no more waiting for almost 2 months for Chef Bruce’ dishes!
Usually when dining out, I prefer to go to an Italian or a Japanese restaurant rather than a Filipino one since – almost too often, home cooked Filipino food is better than restaurant food.  The only Filipino restaurant (to date) that i really love is Sentro.
I managed to reserve a table online – i was impressed, because table reservations are usually done talking to someone on the phone.  But then again McDonald’s offers the same service also.
Chef’s Table is at Unit 106 The Infinity Tower 26th Street, BGC.  26th Street runs along the buildings of Net One, further down you will see a McDonald’s and UCC.  Further up is Serendra and Market Market.  Infinity Tower is at the corner (almost) of 26th St and Mckinley Parkway – the intersection that meets on your way to either High Street/Market Market.  You will have to use the lobby at the back of the building which is technically speaking no longer 26th and Mckinley – but I am sure you will find your way.  Parking is free and not congested since the building isn’t fully fitted yet.  As of this writing, the elevators are still not working.
The staff was friendly and accommodating.  A plus since they lent me a lighter, and embarrassingly enough, the waiter has to run after me since i took off carrying the lighter with me.  Done out of instinct i guess.  I’m no artist, but the concept was that of an open kitchen similar to the restaurants that offers buffets in hotels, reminiscent of Lolo Dad’s – when they were still located somewhere in Manila.  I am no Chef either, so i was really surprised about the number of chef’s or kitchen staff needed in a restaurant.  It was cool watching them prepare your food.  Like watching your mom, or grandmother prepare something out of the kitchen.
We ordered Cebuana chicken wings – I loved it, and of course it was my first meal for the day.  It was spicy but not too hot.  The waiter recommended the Halaan
Soup and the Aligue prawns.  I am not sure, whether we sort of neglected the soup when it was served or it was really served cold.  But it tasted good anyway, so i just ignored the temperature.  The aligue prawns was good also – i was surprised about the sotanghon part though – that dish will take an effort to make, I bet.  We also tried their unique cocktail drinks and mixes – two or three of those will get you buzzed in no time.  Picture below is : Ellen’s Kiss – luscious taste of lemongrass, pineapple and pomegranate juice combined with gin and lambanog.
As for the budget, it is a bit pricey for their portion sizes (compared to other restaurants) but not so much – somewhere between pricey and affordable, depends on where you dine often.  At least Php 500 / head without the cocktails.
The mezzanine can be used as function rooms for meetings of 25 to 30 persons at Php 1000/head.
I will definitely try the rest of their menu, and maybe next time i will take the time to really look at how they prepare the food that they serve.  And maybe, just maybe i could learn a trick or two.
For more information you can check on their website at or call
Unit 106 The Infinity Tower 26th Street The Fort Global City Taguig, Philippines
12 NN – 2 PM | 6:30 PM to 12 MN
I will definitely try the rest of their menu, and maybe next time i will take the time to really look at how they prepare the food that they serve.

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