Bikram Yoga & I

Imagine.  Focus.  Achieve.  When you visit their website  this will be the first three words that you will read.  Imagine.  Focus.  Achieve.  And you will need all the imagining and focus for you to achieve all the poses and the heat that is in Bikram Yoga.

My motivation was for me to somehow offset the unhealthy lifestyle that i have been living for the past decade.   Recently  being diagnosed as having stage II hypertension at 33 would actually make you realize that it is time to somehow slow down and make changes.  Quitting smoking is supposed to be the first step, but since i know that quitting smoking will be my most difficult battle, i decided to include yoga in my lifestyle instead.

Lifestyle change indeed.  I will be on my fourth session tomorrow, and somehow my mind is telling me to quit already.  I almost wanted to make a U-turn towards home instead of heading to my yoga class.  But i cannot deny the benefits that i have been receiving from the past two sessions, first was mylower back pain ( i have levoscoliosos – with no experience of rehab), it was alleviated.  I am not really a limber person, so being a beginner i have to really put on a little effort to somehow copy the poses that i was supposed to be doing.

Bikram yoga is done in a heated room, believe me, during the first five minutes, where you do the breathing exercises , you are already sweating like crazy.  After ten minutes your heart rate is faster, and during the 90 minute session there will be times when you feel a little dizzy, especially if yourbreathing technique is poor.  I have very poor breathing technique, so you can imagine.

Sometimes, while doing the poses and feeling so awkward because i do not know where my right and left arm is – i dare ask myself why i was in class punishing myself.  Yesterday, because the heat was very intense and my heart rate was going so fast, i wanted to walk out – but of course i didn’t and i was glad i did not.  The remaining half of the entire session, i really do not want to move anymore and wanted myself to stop and just lie down, but somehow the voice of the yoga instructor and seeing all the others trying to do their poses makes you want to try a bit harder.  And even if during the session you’re thinking that there are other ways of punishing oneself – this one will actually make you feel good after.

To know more about Bikram Yoga and its benefits, kindly visit their website at, both Bikram Makati and Quezon City are owned by the same owners, so you can choose whether to have your classes at Makati or QC.  The staffs are very accommodating and the instructors will really push you and encourage you to finish the program.

They say if you are doing Bikram, you will no longer need a separate cardio exercise and there is also no need to lift weights anymore.  As for the poses, even if you think you are not limber, you will be surprised to find out that you can actually do it!


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