Little Penguin Pororo –

If there is one song that i can say plays like a broken record in my head,  it is the soundtrack from this cartoon series Little Penguin Pororo from Disney Chanel.  Both of my kids just love this little creature.

Pororo has been part of our bonding sessions at home.  Television is now more of  a privilege, since more often than not I have to give in to my kids every time Pororo is on TV.

Who is The Little Penguin Pororo and what does it have that it has a stickiness factor to both kids and adults?

Pororo the Little Penguin is a computer-generated animated cartoon series created by Cho Jong and produced by Korean animation firm ADV Films.

The cartoon series revolves around the adventures of Pororo and his friends who live in the snowy village of Porong Porong Forest, who often encounter challenges and learn practical and moral lessons in each episode.


Pororo :: is the cute little penguin who wears a helmet and aviator glasses.  Loves to play and is a speed fanatic.  He is inquisitive and a little impulsive which tends to get him into trouble often.

Petty :: is the female penguin that wears pink gloves.  She  looks very feminine but is tough and athletic, warm and open-hearted.  What she lacks in her cooking skills she makes up for her pleasing personality.

Crong :: baby dinosaur that Pororo found in the village.  Looks at Pororo as his elder brother.  Since he is still a baby, he finds himself in trouble all the time, and is often the cause of their adventures and misadventures.  Follows Pororo wherever he goes.

Loopy :: is the rosy cheek little beaver.  She always does things right and worries about Pororo and his schemes, but secretly admires Pororo’s taste for adventure.

Eddy :: a clever and stubborn little fox.  A bit grumpy if you don’t lend him an ear to listen, and tends to be a blabber mouth.  Enjoys repairing and inventing things.

Poby:: is the trustworthy bear friend that everyone dreams to have.  Nice to everyone and helpful and is often very sentimental.

Harry:: is the happy hummingbird who never seems to stop singing, a bit hot-tempered but is warm-hearted and loves his friends.

Here is the intro song, albeit in Korean, the lyrics and links for further reading about Pororo the Little Penguin are also written below:

Hey, it’s Pororo!  I love to play all day.  Come join me all my friends.  Always happy as can be.  Little penguing Pororo.  Snow covered wonderland.  Make way for Pororo.  Always happy as can be.  Everyday new adventure waits for me.  Call for him our little penguin, Porong Porong Porong.  Porong Porong Pororo.


You can watch Little Penguin Pororo at the Disney Channel, it is shown everyday.  Just refer to your local cable TV for the time slots.  Both you and your kids will love this little adorable penguin.


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