young designer Veejay Floresca gives back …

I met Veejay Floresca at a friend’s wedding a month ago.  He was the one who designed her gown and the entourage.  Camelle Rigor and Sanjay Fernandes’ gown and suit, and entourage – picture below.

We were seated at the same table during the reception and partied with us at Club Paraw after.

What struck me most about Veejay and his friends, Lex Librea and Patrick Galang ( who is also a young designer) was how down to earth and friendly they were.  It is always refreshing to chat with young and successful people with no airs.  Goes to show that talent plus the right attitude will indeed bring you to places.  He also recognizes how blessed he is and now wants to give back, which is really sweet of him.

I am going to post an excerpt from Veejay’s blog, in case you are interested, just message or call him, information is written at the bottom of the page.

I’m happy and blessed.
I thank God for everything He has done in my life!

As a simple way of giving back or sharing,
I have decided to sell this amazing wedding gown
for only Php 50,000.00


Bust 32-34 inches
Waist 24-26 inches
Hips 34-36 inches

The money will go to a deserving scholar.

I’m looking for someone who is passionate, determined,
willing to learn, and interested to take up a short course
in Fashion.
(Future details will follow..)

If you are interested to fit the gown, please come to my office on
March 20, 2011

First come, first serve basis.

Please help me.

Let’s be a blessing to someone.

I hope you are the “Cinderella” that would fit in the dress!

Thank you!

***Vejay Floresca blog :

Note:  You’ll never regret getting him as a designer, Camelle gave great reviews about Veejay, he is very accommodating and is “hands on” even during the wedding itself.  He is one of the fuss free suppliers.  And with all the stresses that a would be bride has to go through, i think that counts a lot.


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