The instructions are clear.  God does not send mixed messages to those He called to serve Him.  I am not well versed about the things that are written in the Bible, but from what I heard today, God has a habit of calling on the flawed person.  (Thank you Pastor LA Mumar at Victory Makati for sharing this one at the service today.)

I have written a lot of things about love, but I have never written anything about God.  And the irony is this, God is Love.  I should have realized this a long time ago.  I am not a professional writer, but I have been writing since grade school, and I can say that my claims are true.  Quite frankly, I am a bit “shy” in writing things about Him, maybe because I used to be one of those people who don’t want all the “God” pep talk.  You know what I mean about this right?  Whenever you’re sad, lonely and depressed and a friend or colleague would tell you to just pray, you cringe and walk away because you’ve heard those lines before and it does not really help or alleviate your current situation.  I usually delete or ignore any forwarded text messages that has any form of religious content.  Even on facebook, I tend to hide the posts that say anything about God.  My view before was this, your faith is your faith, keep it to yourself.

I am a flawed person.  It is in my bio if you read my Facebook account.  In fact I claim that I am more beautiful because of my flaws like a broken mirror that is glued together depending on where the ray of light shines.   Notice anything missing?  How can a broken mirror that is glued together still be beautiful?  How can you glue glass?  No one picks up broken glass, especially mirrors, but guess what, God does.  A broken mirror glued by God emits multiple colors when light shines on it.  This last sentence is the missing line in my bio and in my life before.

I am not trying to convert people here, that’s not what this is about.  God has done so many things for me and I have been ignoring Him more times than a boyfriend had ignored me, the boyfriend became an ex but God never made me an ex.  He never stopped loving me.  And that is worth sharing.  I repeat, God has a habit of calling on the flawed person, I am a flawed person.  In sales, we call it flawless execution of our marketing plans, as weird as it may sound (because I still find it weird), that’s what God did.  He revealed Himself to me, flawlessly and seamlessly and with perfect timing and precision.  Your only option is to follow and serve, not because you fear that He’d punish you, but because you love Him and that you wanted to please Him.  Pleasing God – I cannot begin to tell you how difficult this is, especially to someone as flawed as me.  But I am coping.  What can I say; He had prepared me for this.

So hide this post if you must, but I love my God and my writing is my declaration of love for Him.   Your life and my life is not cheap, Jesus died on the cross for us.  Use it well.


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