it all started with Facebook (a true story)

This post deserves a “once upon a time” beginning.  But that sounds iffy, so let’s get down to business.

They met in grade school.  They were classmates.  Grade two, at the University of Santo Tomas.  She was his crush, as childhood crushes go, and he was her first kiss.  A kiss on the cheek at a school Christmas party.  One wonders how these memories are kept through time.  She moved to an all girls school in grade four.  They never had any interactions again, until early last year  (which was 2010).

How did he find her?  Facebook!  Both of them had prior long-term relationships, but when he found her on Facebook, both of them were free, unattached.  In simple terms, single and ready to mingle.  Sometimes, you do wonder how these things happen.  I mean what are the chances, after all those years?

They started chatting, and eventually started a relationship.  A long distance one.  You see, the guy lives in California and the girl in Quezon City.  You know how long distance relationships are, your lifelines are the internet, cellphones and Skype!  But unlike other long distance relationships, these two had not even met yet, not since they were in grade school!

The relationship thrived on these channels of communication for nine months.  I do not know how they managed to do it, but it worked.  I guess the old saying that says “communication is the key” is true.  The issues of proximity are therefore overshadowed if both parties are committed to keep things working despite the challenge of distance.

She waited nine months.  Nine months before she could actually see and touch his face.  How sweet is that?  But this i have to tell you, all the waiting was worth it.  For he proved to be everything that she hoped for and so much more.








And oh, by the way, they are already engaged to be married!!!

*Disclaimer:  This post was written upon the request of a friend.  Their love story is worth writing about.



    1. thanks cam for the support.. it’s a little bit rusty, hopefully i can improve on it soon.. 🙂


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