A tribute to God for my five senses.

I am no saint, in fact I am a sinner. This first blog is dedicated to God, for He has given and blessed me with all the five senses.

Sight, to see the beauty of the world that He has created for you and me. Sometimes, we see but we choose to ignore, for we are too preoccupied about the things that we think would complete us. Majority of us take for granted the gift of sight. Have you ever wondered how your life would be without it?

Hear. We often hear but we do not listen. In fact, we pretend not to hear. We act deaf especially if there are things that we do not want to listen to. We pretend to be deaf to the cries of all those people and friends who needed our support and our love, for we are too busy to notice that there is a world outside of the world that we planned for ourselves. But the truth is, our plans are futile if it is not aligned with God’s plan for us.

Taste. Imagine how life would be without this faculty or gift? Would you be able to say, sweet, sour, salty, and all other complaints and praises to the chef if not for the sense of taste? In fact, taste has been used more often with feelings. Sweetness of a new relationship, bitterness of a break up. How do you define sweetness and bitterness if not for the sense of taste? How do you appreciate life itself without it?

Smell. Would you even notice your partners pheromones without it? Smell plays an important role in our social relationships. Billions are spent on fragrances to capture each individual’s smell. And yet, sometimes we forgot how important it is.

And lastly, the sense of touch or feel. Touch in premature babies makes them recover quickly, touch makes a comatose patient recover, touch makes you feel loved. In fact touch, at it’s most primal sense is a declaration of love. How often do we withheld embracing someone or giving someone a pat on the back when they’re down or when they have achieved something? The next person beside you might be in pain, and all that’s needed is a hug for them to continue the fight.

These senses are gifts from God, for us to appreciate the life that we have, that we are enjoying. We must use it wisely, never-failing to thank Him for it. We are given one life to live, gifts to enjoy this life well – so live well, and the best way to thank Him for these gifts is to use them in ways that are pleasing to His eyes.


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